Cover Letter

My primary focus has been teaching Grammar and Language to ESL and native born speakers. I have taught Grammar at St. John’s University, Touro College, Berkeley College, Audrey Cohen College, and at NYIT and at Keller on the graduate levels. I have written several study guides on Grammar and on Composition related to college-level students. I have taught English Composition, Literature, Verbal and Written Communication, and Basic Skills courses for the past twenty-five years on the graduate and the undergraduate levels.  I also teach Business Communication and am a graduate mentor in several graduate schools. As an educator, I have received excellent faculty and student observation reports.

I have written over ten books and have recently published five books. One book is entitled Justice Henry Fielding and His Influence on Law and Literature (Xlibris Publishers), another book is entitled A Psychological Study of Henry James’ The Portrait of A Lady (Xlibris Publishers); I have also written three Writing books: One book is for the English I Writing Seminar, the second writing books is English and American Literature and Composition, and the third book is Writing through African-American Literature. The last three Writing books will be published in two weeks by Xanadu educational publishers. I have written for three scholarly encyclopedias including for Literature and Art: The 1890’s (Garland Press), Business and Environmentalism (Garland Press), and Women’s Studies (encyclopedia published by the University of Wisconsin).

I have a double doctorate in English language and in English literature from St. John’s University and have taken graduate courses from Harvard University’s Writing program, graduate courses from Yale’s Humanities and Writing program, and Oxford University’s graduate Humanities and Arts program.